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We’ve raved about the benefits of kettlebells before on our blog…which is why we at elements living were extremely excited when we got a chance to review Kettlenetics, the new DVD workout program from kettlebell master Michelle Khai.

Kettlenetics is a 5-DVD set that comes with a unique 4-lb kettlebell (apparently the only one of it’s kind in the world), an instructional wall chart of moves, and several weight loss and healthy eating guides. 

The first DVD teaches you the basic moves, and then each DVD builds on that to include a full-body workout, a target toning workout, a cardio and two 15-minute workouts that focus on Strength & Stretching and CardioFit Ballet.

In addition to being an elements Advisory Board member, Michelle has extensive experience in kettlebell training and dance fitness and injury prevention, so we have a feeling the DVD is going to be fast and fun even before we get it in the machine. 

Michelle does a great job of clearly displaying the fluid motions and showing correct form. While the moves do take a little getting used to since you must do them in one non-stop motion, after a few tries we got the hang of it and were swinging right along with her. All of the workouts (even the demos in the kb elements DVD) got our heart rates up and had us sweating, but the Cardio Balanced workout especially kept us moving!

Touted as “The Most Effective Hand-Held Gym” and highly-recommend by us here at elements living, Kettlenetics is a totally new way to get in shape.  

Visit for more information.

Here at elements living, we love taking our work home with us…mostly because our work is creating a healthy, fit lifestyle! And if you’re like us, then you’re definitely taking your fitness outside of the gym, too. (No, we’re not talking about sweaty yoga mats!)

But how many times have you tripped over that rowing machine on your way to the bathroom? Do you even remember how to work that contraption you bought on QVC last month? Toss it.

For a home fitness machine that’s easy on the eyes and easily fits into your home or studio (not to mention also packs a fitness wallop), SoloStrength’s FUSE is the way to go.

Designed by award-winning industrial designer Paul Conder and consisting of a platform, support bar, and “Solo Comfort Grip Bar”, the FUSE breaks your fitness routine down to an almost Zen simplicity: by adjusting the grip bar and changing your exercise position, you can create a variety of movements that work almost every single muscle group.

Programs only take about 20 minutes and are suitable for novice to expert levels. In fact, the whole family can use the FUSE for an all-in-one system to strengthen and tone muscles.

As the company motto states: “One Life, One Body, One Bar. It’s all you need.” Does it get any simpler than that?

Find out more at . Enter elementsforwomen at Checkout for an exclusive $50.00 savings on shipping!

19 May, 2008

Be the


michelle khai kb jump.jpgQuestion: What do an 18th century Russian weightlifter and Jennifer Lopez have in common?

Answer: They’ve both used kettlebells for a full-body workout.


Kettlebells, the cast iron weights with u-shaped handle, are the hottest workout tool to sweep the fitness market. Which is kind of funny, since they’ve been used by Russian athletes and weightlifters since the 18th century. And it’s not just J-Lo that’s been collecting the benefits of this tool; kettlebells have become the hottest fitness trend among the Hollywood elite. Everyone from Matthew McConaughey to Lance Armstrong have been using these unique balls to tone their bodies.


The kettlebell (also called “girya”) comes in a variety of weights, and gives your cardio system a work out, while also building strength. By lifting and swinging weights and controlling your natural momentum, you can toneyour abs, arms and legs through a series of exercises and improve strength, balance and flexibility.


Kettlebells are the preferred exercise tools for dancers, as they help tone muscles without causing the body to bulk up. In fact, elements Advisory Board Member Michelle Khai is Chief Science Officer and Master Trainer of Kettlebell Concepts , a company that sells kettlebells in many sizes, equipment and instructional videos. Michelle has a long history of dancing professionally, and has been featured on Lifetime TV’s “Real Women” for her work with dancers. She also advises on performance enhancement and injury prevention for clients such as NYC Ballet principal, Jack Soto.


So start throwing your weight around. You won’t be disappointed!

For more info, visit

 We know that cold weather has its pluses: adorable sweaters, snowboarding, getting cozy by the fire. But let’s get serious: for every brisk, sunny, blue-sky day, there’s about 20 lead-gray ones that make you want to crawl back under the covers and never come out.


Luckily, the good folks at Sunlight Saunas can bring the sunshine back into your life. Utilizing far infrared sauna technology, Sunlight Saunas creates beautiful home and commercial saunas from cedar and basswood to rejuvenate the body and detoxify the system. So what the heck is “far infrared sauna technology”? It uses heat generated by infrared rays to provide heat therapy that helps relieve everything from arthritis to muscle tension to stress (not to mention it feels pretty darn good, too!).


Although you can find Sunlight Saunas in high-end spas and health clubs across the country (including our very own elements Fitness Clubs), one of the coolest (er…or ‘hottest’?) company features is that they also sell solo, portable units which can be set up in your very own home! It’s just one more reason not to leave your house until May.


For more information about Sunlight Saunas, visit their website at

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a meeting in 15 minutes. Or you’re waiting to pick Junior up from band practice. Or you skipped breakfast and now you’re paying for it. Your stomach is howling, you need something to sustain you, but you’ve got no time to actually get anything. That’s when you reach for the reliable energy bar. But with a million options out there, how do you know which won’t taste like you’re chewing on gravel?

We here at elements are partial to the Dr. Melina Protein Bar . After getting fed up with options that loaded on the calories, tasted horrible, or just didn’t satisfy, Dr. Melina Jampolis , a board-certified physician nutrition specialist, created a lip-smacking bar that only contains 180 calories and packs 14 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, vitamin D and calcium into each one. And did we mention tasty? Three flavors (Lemon Raspberry, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Almond) taste fabulous and contain no high-fructose corn syrup or trans fat.

They’re so good, you might want to think about stocking some at your desk or in the car. But be warned: these bars really do keep you going for a long time. As a friend told us an hour and a half after snacking on one, “I know I should be getting ready for dinner right now, but I don’t feel like it. Is that wrong?”


If it’s wrong, we don’t want to be right.


Find out more at


 In case you hadn’t noticed by now, we’re kind of crazy for fitness (and if you haven’t, shame on you! Head to and start reading!). So when we come across a site that is just as excited as we are about getting people motivated to live healthier, we want to tell everyone about it!


Which brings us to . Aside from a very clever name (we wish we’d thought of that one), is a great resource for fitness fans and trainers alike. With helpful forums, workout tips, expert advice and reviews of everything from products and equipment, to apparel and workout DVDs, it’s a ton of helpful information for all levels. But don’t worry: it’s all easy to navigate, too.


In founder Debra Strougo ’s own words:


Now our fitness can constantly be redefined, we can try new things, work with new people and explore new boundaries. I hope that you'll find is a place that not only provides enthusiasts with firsthand knowledge and promotes fitness experts, but brings more fitness (and fit connections) to your local community.


So whether you’re a trainer looking to change up your work outs or an enthusiast that just wants to complain about your new raw foods diet, is a great resource for fitness buffs everywhere!

to elements living. You'll love it!

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